Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, advanced robotics or augmented reality will shape the most successful companies of tomorrow. The key question, however, is which technologies bring the greatest benefit to which company?

The hype around emerging and disruptive technologies is so great that it is difficult for key people in companies to make the right decisions about where and when to invest. CENTURION supports the implementation of impact analyses of new technologies on business models, because it is precisely the use of synergies between emerging technologies that can bring companies to the forefront of digital market leaders.

Innovations must follow a strategy, namely the corporate strategy. Not only the innovation of the business units themselves must be aligned with an overarching strategy, but also the company's internal (support) IT must be strategically planned and aligned. After all, the functionality and performance of company IT is the basis for economic success and the driver for digitalisation and performance.

The CENTURION consulting approach supports your company in three phases and seven steps in preparing and implementing an integrated IT strategy. The question "What about IT is really important for the company and how must IT be organised to create added value for the company?" is answered and implementation is accompanied hands on.