Data is the fuel of companies and organisations and thus the basis for many business decisions. In order for these to be taken in the best possible and "correct" way, the consistency, accuracy and validity of data is an essential prerequisite for extracting actionable insights from the underlying information.

The main reasons for poor data quality are (1) manual data entry by staff due to lack of interfaces between systems or lack of expertise when using modern tools. (2) Data migration and conversion projects were not planned and executed correctly, which can lead to duplicates or missing records. (3) Different notations during the entry and processing of several users leads to the fact that, for example, suppliers and customers are created several times and no clear assignment is possible.

CENTURION offers you a comprehensive analysis of your master data quality by proven data science experts, for example of debtor and creditor master data including risk weighting, as well as the implementation of chain-of-trust assessments to analyse the quality of data streams in the company. In this way, we ensure that the data quality is sufficient for your business management decisions.

Poor data quality is one of the most common reasons for the failure of data migration projects. Efficient data quality management is necessary to ensure a high migration rate. CENTURION supports you in improving data quality and in the introduction of data management systems, and we also carry out readiness assessments before ERP system transformations or migrations.

CENTURION is a specialist in the implementation and support of migrations, e.g. to SAP S/4HANA, Navision or BMD. Our many years of experience with different ERP systems pays off twice in this area, so we know the target systems and structures as well as the source systems and are therefore your ideal companion during the migration.