Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence


Data is everywhere and is produced by a rapidly growing number of sensors, applications & programmes as well as business models. Far less common are companies that use data and analytics to transform the way they work and gain a strategic competitive advantage. The transformation to a "data-driven" company is not easy and requires the creation of reliable data assets, data governance as well as personnel and corporate culture aspects.

The key factor for success is to extract the data from existing silos, introduce new ways of working and embed new skills and ways of thinking in the organisation. For many companies, however, their own IT is one of the biggest hurdles. Outdated systems, a wide variety of technologies and decentralised data storage make data- and analysis-driven decision-making and company management difficult.

The consolidated use of various internal and external data sources as a basis or to improve entrepreneurial decisions is like opening up new sources of raw materials. Only the processing leads to competitive advantages - by extracting the data from various sources, preparing and storing it in data warehouses and using modern analysis tools as well as business intelligence applications. We are happy to support you with the following services, among others:

  • Conceptualisation, development and anchoring of modern data analyses incl. tool support
  • Prepare decision-making processes with data support and optimise them
  • Identify weaknesses in internal monitoring and control processes
  • Support with the selection and introduction of business intelligence systems