Forensic audits

Any company can be affected by fraudulent acts such as fraud, falsification of financial statements, embezzlement or misappropriation. The risk is exacerbated by multinational and powerfully networked business relationships as well as deficiencies or weaknesses in the internal control system. Financial losses and reputational damage can be the result, even up to the closure of the company.

Identification and appraisal

If suspicious cases arise, we conduct discreet and independent investigations. We rely on our many years of experience, modern methods of analysis and an in-depth communication and interview concept. In this way, we quickly gain an overview, can identify those responsible and assess damage quantitatively and qualitatively. If required, the findings can be prepared in the form of reports and expert opinions for both in-court and out-of-court disputes. At court hearings, our generally sworn and court-certified expert witnesses can explain the results of the investigative actions.

Voluntary special audits

We also conduct voluntary special audits other than audits of financial statements, using the same methodological approach. The extent and focus of the audit are individually coordinated with you. In particular, we can subject authorisation concepts, data migrations in ERP system conversions or IT development projects to detailed investigation and provide confirmation services.

Data analysis and IT

Our services include, among other things, the IT-supported securing and analysis of evidence, as well as the inspection of physical evidence. Through the use of modern data analysis, we identify conspicuous patterns as well as potential criminal behaviour, which serve as a basis for further investigations. Our main focus is on the field of forensic accounting.

Suggestions for improvement

The facts identified within the framework of forensic audits serve as a starting point for our experts to develop suggestions for improvement, especially in connection with processes and internal control systems. This also includes the establishment of early warning indicators to prevent new fraudulent acts.