CENTURION is the contact for holistic consulting for aviation companies. Before or in the course of market entry, we support companies, (private equity) investors or other players in gaining an understanding of the market, realistically assessing growth opportunities and providing an overview of current competitive forces, current trends and new technologies.

Especially in aviation, business models and markets can change very quickly, also due to external factors such as pandemics, sustainability initiatives or national or international legislative changes. CENTURION identifies such indicators at an early stage and supports the adjustment of portfolios and business strategies to the amended framework conditions, e.g. by increasing investments and activities in certain sectors while recommending disinvestment strategies in other sectors.

When aviation companies pursue growth strategies, both organically and through M&A activities, CENTURION is the sparring partner for their acceleration. We identify potential gains as well as risks in expanding activities in the core business as well as in adjacent markets, leading to an increase in your value creation.

Particularly in the highly regulated sector of aviation, acquisitions and integrations of existing companies offer the possibility of rapid market access as well as a rapid start-up of value-creating activities. CENTURION offers objective perspectives on feasibility and value creation at all stages of the transaction, from strategy to integration into your existing business. Support in building up internal capability, especially in corporate finance and tax sector, is also part of CENTURION's service portfolio.

In sectors with strong competition, the profit margin can often only be maximised through the cost structure. CENTURION supports the evaluation of operating models and identifies strategies for building leaner cost structures. Our many years of experience are particularly evident in the rapid identification of optimisation potential and its prompt and ongoing realisation.

CENTURION is the business partner in innovation processes and in the course of digital transformation to increase operational efficiency and to provide your customers with new possibilities and a new feeling of flying. Our service portfolio includes, among other things, the identification of innovation potential, the implementation of IT system unification and the introduction of modern, value-added data analyses.