Accounting is subject to constant change. On the one hand, due to new standards to be applied, especially in the area of international accounting, and on the other hand, due to changes on the part of the company, which lead to the application of new, extended accounting regulations.

Special cases or more complex interpretations of legal regulations pose challenges for many - especially smaller accounting departments. CENTURION provides practical support through ad-hoc assistance in the conversion, organisation and ongoing optimisation of accounting processes, through the implementation of customised in-house training courses and in the preparation of accounting manuals.

Support with the implementation of new or amended IFRS

Amended or new IFRS standards constantly bring challenges for companies. CENTURION provides support for first-time or modified application as well as for the legally compliant use of discretionary powers and room for manoeuvre. In this context, we also provide support in updating (IFRS) accounting manuals.

Support for the first application

The first-time application of IFRS has far-reaching effects on the company. Due to modified information requirements, not only the accounting department is affected, but other departments must also be included in the preparation of the financial statements. Early planning and stakeholder involvement are criteria for success. CENTURION provides support in terms of both content and project management activities.

Support with enforcement methods

In Austria, the accounting of capital market-oriented companies is audited by the Austrian Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel (OePR). CENTURION provides support by proactively advising on FMA audit focal points as well as in preparing for and during OePR reviews.

Support with the preparation of the financial statements

IFRS individual as well as group financial statements - regardless of whether they are prepared voluntarily or on the basis of a legal or contractual obligation - represent a periodically recurring challenge for companies.

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