The management of a company is associated with a constantly growing administrative burden. By outsourcing your bookkeeping to CENTURION as your outsourcing partner, you can put your main focus back on your operational business.

Companies exceeding the so-called bookkeeping limit of EUR 700,000 annual turnover as well as corporations and capitalistic partnerships are obliged to keep double-entry bookkeeping including the preparation of annual financial statements. Companies that do not exceed the bookkeeping limit of EUR 700,000 in sales revenues must prepare an income/expenditure statement according to the inflow/outflow principle.

CENTURION takes over the ongoing (double-entry) bookkeeping for you - depending on your individual needs - or prepares the income/expenditure statement for you.

Adequate bookkeeping provides a comprehensive overview of the company's assets and earnings. Through the use of our modern bookkeeping, analysis and visualisation tools, we support you (optionally) in identifying potential for improvement and determine data-based early warning indicators. Digital document management and the paperless transfer of your documents to us are essential components. Through our interactive analysis dashboards, you have access to the essential key figures at all times in order to manage your company in a goal-oriented manner.


The CENTURION bookkeeping team supports you with the following services:

  • Recording of current business transactions in BMD NTCS and, if necessary, in your bookkeeping system
  • Management and ongoing reconciliation of the general ledger accounts including sub-ledgers such as OP lists and asset registers
  • Preparation of the advance VAT return including remittance slip
  • Organisation and implementation of payment transactions