Payroll Accounting


Changes in laws and directives adopted almost every year lead to a constantly growing complexity of payroll accounting. Outsourcing to the experts at CENTURION saves you time and money and reduces your risks of legal violations and fines.

CENTURION takes care of the ongoing monthly payroll accounting with evaluations for employers, employees and authorities. This includes the settlement of overtime, bonuses, allowances and travel expenses. We provide expert advice on tax, social security and labour law matters, making us your reliable sparring partner in the field of human resources.

To ensure an effective disbursement process, we will take care of the preparation of remittance slips in your preferred form or carry out the disbursements for you directly. We prepare accounting lists for your bookkeeping and take care of electronic reporting with health insurance companies, the tax office and municipalities.

Cross-border work assignments in particular can have cost-intensive consequences under labour, residence, tax and social security law for both staff members and the posting company. The CENTURION team, which specialises in global mobility, supports you by proposing solutions and arrangements for assignments abroad and by the implementation of the respective HR accounting. Due to our law firm focus, we are specialised, among other things, in the settlement of employees (e.g. pilots) of aviation companies.

CENTURION supports you in the audit of wage-related levies and contributions (GPLA new) on the part of the "Prüfdienst Lohnabgaben und Beiträge" (PLB) by preparing for the audit, ongoing support during the audit and negotiations with the auditor.