Other auditing services

Audit of Reporting Packages

Subsidiaries of internationally active corporations usually prepare reporting packages in accordance with international accounting standards such as IFRS, US GAAP or country-specific special regulations. If the national subsidiary is essential for the group financial statements, the group independent auditor usually requires a local audit of the reporting package. CENTURION has many years of experience and expertise in auditing reporting packages according to different standards.

Audit reviews

Auditors are to review quarterly and half-yearly financial reports. While it is not a full audit of financial statements and provides only a limited level of assurance, the review is a means of enhancing the reliability of, and public confidence in, financial reporting. For example, individual components of financial statements and other account statements of the company may also be subject to a review on a voluntary basis. CENTURION carries these out according to national (KFS/PG11) as well as international standards.

Grants and financial audits for public bodies

The use of public funds for research and development projects is a sensitive and highly publicised area. Through our auditing services, CENTURION ensures that public funds, in particular EU subsidies, are used properly and in accordance with the rules. In doing so, we work with policy-makers to provide customised service and auditing services to the public sector.

Audit of the non-financial reporting

In addition to the financial figures, investors and shareholders also pay particular attention to non-financial information. Many companies are already required by law to have certain non-financial disclosures confirmed by additional auditing services. This includes, among other things, information on minerals in conflict and greenhouse gas emissions. CENTURION also offers audits of non-financial reporting within the framework of the audit of financial statements or as special audits for you.