Acquisitions or disposals of new or used aircraft are complex transactions that require compliance with a multitude of special regulations and approvals. CENTURION is the aviation expert in Austria and has been successfully supporting aviation transactions in Europe and the USA for many years.

Both the private aviation sector and the commercial aviation sector rely on CENTURION's services for transactions. This includes advice on aircraft or helicopter configuration, model selection, as well as the preliminary calculation of annual operating costs. CENTURION accompanies and takes over the negotiation process for the selected aircraft and arranges test flights and inspections prior to purchase.

CENTURION is a long-standing and experienced consultant aircraft financing. We work with the essential financing banks and credit institutions in Germany, the EU and Switzerland and are regularly commissioned by them in the course of acquisition transactions. In this way, we ensure that the financing of the fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter is in line with market requirements.

In the air taxi business, aircraft are usually operated by a holder (operator). The transfer of the owner to the operator takes place by way of holding contracts, whereby the services are settled by means of an "operator service fee". CENTURION assists in the selection of a suitable keeper, the preparation of the keeper contract and the plausibility check of the operator service fee.

CENTURION supports air taxi companies and aircraft owners in the preparation and control of cost accounting, cost analysis and revenue accounting in the course of ownership, including monitoring and control of the duties and tasks of the aircraft operator. Furthermore, CENTURION offers advice on cost optimisation as well as support in the course of the commercial use of aircraft.

For liability reasons, it is common practice to own aircraft in both the private and commercial aviation sectors in a separate company. The choice of legal form offers opportunities for structuring, which CENTURION identifies and optimises on an ad hoc basis. Thus, we are a full-service provider, from the owner to the keeper to the flying staff.