Incorporation, Reorganisations & Legal Forms


Sole proprietorships, partnerships, foundations, corporations? Each of the legal forms offers (tax) advantages and disadvantages. Particularly in the case of company foundations, restructurings and corporate transactions, the current or planned legal form should be scrutinised and checked for potential tax savings. Over time, too, it may be necessary or advantageous for companies to adapt their corporate form, for example due to growth or changes in their areas of activity.

In the beginning there is a business idea, which becomes a success through professional implementation. CENTURION advises emerging companies and start-ups on the choice of the most appropriate legal form, provides support during the start-up process, e.g. with financing, subsidies and the search for investors, assists you with contract negotiations and the preparation of contracts, and makes your company fit for exit from day one.

Due to ongoing changes in the various legal areas such as company law, tax law and social security law, as well as corresponding rulings by supreme courts, it is important to regularly review the chosen legal form for its suitability and expediency in order to identify optimisation potential. CENTURION reviews your current legal form to determine whether it is still appropriate for the type and size of your company, or whether a different legal form could, for example, increase your tax potential.

Especially with corporate transactions such as the purchase or sale of (parts of) companies, reorganisations are a prerequisite or accompanying measures. Both under company law and tax law, special regulations must be observed and, due to their complexity, usually require specialised knowledge. CENTURION's reorganisation experts provide you with individual support in the course of your reorganisation and ensure that all legal regulations are complied with and that there is no unsuccessful reorganisation under tax law.

Our range of services includes the support of mergers, conversions, contributions and demergers, including the preparation of the necessary foundation, merger and demerger balance sheets. Alternatively, we also offer auditing services in the course of reorganisations, mergers and demergers - these are required by law and are carried out by CENTURION's auditing department to the highest standard.

The continuity of companies is also ensured by successions. In addition to the (preparatory) optimisation of the corporate structure and legal form, the focus is also on communication to staff, customers and suppliers. CENTURION supports you in the development of tax law and company law structuring options, in the planning and coordination of the succession as well as in the cooperation with lawyers, notaries and courts.