Globalisation means activities of Austrian companies abroad as well as activities of foreign companies in Austria. A large number of tax regulations must be complied with, both domestically and abroad, but there are also tax structuring opportunities that must be exploited.

Choice of legal form and tax structuring

An essential focus of CENTURION's activities is the tax structuring of the activities of foreign companies in Austria. We provide support in the establishment of businesses, the choice of legal form, the foundation of subsidiaries and effective tax planning within the corporation. Our experience shows that, in addition to tax law issues, day-to-day bookkeeping and payroll accounting are an essential success factor for legally compliant activities in Austria. These services are also included in the CENTURION portfolio.

Double taxation agreement

Thanks to its many years of expertise, CENTURION provides support in tax-optimised structuring in order to avoid international double taxation. By creating holding, management, financing and service companies, we optimise your group structure in such a way that potential tax inefficiencies are avoided right from the start.

Transfer pricing

Due to international activities and structuring possibilities, possible profit shifts to or from abroad are in the focus of the tax authorities. The terms "Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)" and transfer pricing conceal extensive documentation and transparency regulations, compliance with which has not only recently been a central issue in national tax audits. CENTURION has proven experts in the sector of transfer pricing and provides support in the context of planning, design, documentation and defence within the framework of tax audits.

Global Mobility Service / Expatriates

In addition to entrepreneurial applications of international tax law, tax issues also arise in the sector of expatriates and employee assignments. For both companies and posted staff members, longer assignments abroad lead to the application of complex, multinational tax and social security regulations, which must be complied with in both the source and the destination country. CENTURION is your reliable partner for international assignments and also takes care of the ongoing payroll accounting.