While accounting and financial bookkeeping primarily serve as a basis for external financial reporting, controlling mainly aims at the company's internal information and management functions. Due to an increasingly dynamic environment, companies today need to be managed proactively. However, this only works if the corresponding information and key figures are available.

Controlling can be divided into operational and strategic controlling. While operational and thus short- and medium-term controlling deals with parameters such as liquidity, profit and stability, the tasks of strategic controlling include success potentials, market shares and the long-term securing of (free) cash flows.

Data from bookkeeping and cost accounting form the basis for the instruments and methods of controlling. CENTURION supports you in identifying and extracting the required data points from your systems and thus creates a quality-assured basis for the implementation of beneficial controlling. We check whether your systems meet the requirements of modern controlling and whether, for example, your ERP system enables company management.

Once the data is in a quality-assured base, analyses and reports can be based on this. These include, for example, profitability calculations, ABC analyses, budget monitoring or variance calculations, customer success calculations and balanced scorecard models. This can be done classically in spreadsheet programmes such as Excel.

Microsoft PowerBI is a tool frequently used by CENTURION for the preparation of individual and interactive dashboards, especially in the areas of controlling and executive reporting. The dashboards can be tailored to the needs of the respective users through different "points of view", but still always access the same database. Through integration with other Microsoft Office products, reports can be exported quickly and easily, e.g. to Excel.

The upstream identification or definition of relevant key figures is essential for the success of controlling and reporting tools. These can cover areas such as return on investment, profitability, capital structure, asset structure or liquidity. CENTURION supports the identification of relevant key figures and defines determination and calculation logics so that key figures are calculated uniformly throughout the company or corporation.