Interim management or interim managers are experts and executives who are deployed during restructuring or reorganisation and to overcome temporary staff shortages. Interim managers are characterised by a combination of expert advice and efficient implementation and can thus, for example, implement urgently needed measures in the company.

Reasons for Interim Management

If important staff members are absent for a longer period of time due to illness or unforeseen events, or if there are open succession issues, interim managers can bridge this time and ensure the continuity and functionality of the company. Even if there is a general need for support and relief of the management, interim managers with different professional specialisations can help.

Operational Manager

CENTURION not only supports your company with professional advice, but also enables the implementation of developed measures or the overcoming of personnel bottlenecks through the use of interim managers. Our interim managers take on the role of operational managers, consultants and change managers in your company - an approach that gives you security and stability in difficult times.

Financial expertise

An essential aspect of interim management is rapid accessibility and availability as well as in-depth, practical experience. CENTURION provides personnel tailored to your needs. This includes functions such as (-) senior accountant, (-) head of bookkeeping, (-) head of consolidation, (-) head of accounting & tax, up to chief financial officer (CFO).

IT expertise

CENTURION specialises in the provision of CIO (Chief Information Officer) or CDO (Chief Digital Officer). As the digital leader, the CDO is responsible for IT strategy and innovation, while the CIO is responsible for the operation of IT in the company as a service provider. Our managers and experts have in-depth technical expertise, strong leadership skills, multilingual communication skills, high social competence as well as implementation strength.

Complete cost control

By using an interim manager, you achieve flexibility and variability of personnel costs without labour law risks and additional headcounts. Interim management can be planned and calculated, as only the time worked is billed and no special or extra payments are incurred. Thanks to CENTURION's continuous reporting, you always have an overview of the costs and need not fear any surprises.