Due diligence has established itself as an integral part of mergers & acquisitions processes. With due diligence, the prospective buyer pursues the goal of reducing the asymmetry of information between the prospective buyer and the seller.

Our interdisciplinary CENTURION team supports you in the acquisition or sale of companies with the following due diligence services from a single source and thus provides you with an in-depth basis for entrepreneurial decisions:

Financial Due Diligence

Financial due diligence is regularly the centrepiece within the framework of corporate acquisitions. Financial due diligence is generally concerned with the gathering of information and the identification of opportunities and risks (upside/downside potential), regardless of whether the due diligence is carried out on behalf of a potential buyer or a seller.

Tax Due Diligence

The tax due diligence review is regularly an essential part of an intended corporate transaction. The objective of a due diligence review is to identify the tax opportunities and risks of the corporate acquisition and, as a result, to obtain findings that enable the derivation of an optimal transaction structure under tax law.

IT Due Diligence

Existing IT systems (technologies, hardware, software) and the IT strategy pursued by the company are central components of today's companies and ensure performance and functionality. Within the framework of IT due diligences, we conduct a survey and assessment of the IT systems and processes and evaluate the maturity level of the IT department. Furthermore, we assess potential investments and expenditures that become necessary through integration and migration into existing system landscapes.